Senior dating sites arlington va

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Senior dating sites arlington va

At age 18 Washington was granted a 453-acre tract in western Frederick County by Lord Fairfax.Washington surveyed the 453 acres of land and also purchased an adjoining tract.He often stayed with his half-brother Lawrence at Mount Vernon. A new farmhouse was built at the site in 1850 for the use of an overseer.Washington’s mother lived in the house until 1772, when she moved to Fredericksburg, and the farm was sold to friend Hugh Mercer (direct ancestor of Gen. It was the site of skirmishing during the American Civil War in 1862.The writer George Allan England agreed to write real-estate ads promoting the historical value of the land for a ,000 fee upon the land's sale. Colbert also helped promote the thought that a non-important structure called "The Surveyor Shed," was a genuine relic, though it was not.Since the bicentennial celebration of George Washington's Birthday was approaching, Colbert and England thought the land would sell quickly, but there were other historical sites vying for preservation and the Great Depression finally killed their dream.In July 2008, archaeologists announced that they had found remains of the boyhood home, which had suffered a fire during 1740, including artifacts such as pieces of a cream-colored tea set probably belonging to George's mother, Mary Ball Washington.The farm was named after the Washington family had left the property.

He moved to Ferry Farm in the fall of 1738 with his second wife, Mary Ball Washington, and their five young children.Washington saw the land as a "crowded, busy, trouble-filled place of limited options." Washington’s father Augustine had left behind a small set of surveying instruments after he died.At the age of 16 Washington used his father’s surveying tools to survey for prominent Virginia grandees and instantly became hooked.Little Hunting Creek, later to be renamed Mount Vernon by elder brother Lawrence after his 1743 inheritance of the property was briefly the family home to Augustine and Mary Washington and their brood of five including his third son George, from 1735-1738.The Washington-era farm, then referred to by others as the Washington Farm and by the Washington's as the Home Farm, had a 1½-story central-passage house, two rooms deep, perched atop a bluff on the Rappahannock River. Based on excavations at the site in 2008, the structure was approximately 54 feet (16 m) wide by 28 feet (8.5 m) deep.

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Washington soon had acquired close to two thousand acres in western lands.

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