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All participants were assigned a number, given an evaluation form, and participated in the six-minute dates.Participants were asked prior to beginning the event if they would conduct a survey including questions to measure the participant’s interpersonal attraction, homophily and nonverbal intimacy, as well as their demographic information and POV measures.After complying all the surveys, results concluded that there was a positive correlation between the three predictors and predicted outcome values.Results also showed that men were more attracted to their partners than women, but men and women did not differ in correlation between predicted outcome values and date decisions, and there was not a difference in predicted outcome values and date decisions.Nonverbal intimacy is the perception of closeness or liking one feels from nonverbal cues.The researchers created a hypothesis to test the effects of these three predictors have on the predicted outcome values (POV) of the creation of relationships from speed dating.

The study included 157 participants, 82 men and 75 females ranging from 25 to 60 years old.I think these nonverbal cues are vital indicators of whether a relationship should or should not continue. Nonverbal cues reflect what a person truly feels and cannot usually be masked. Is it possible to determine a person is a potential mate from a short window of time?The researchers chose to focus on these three possible predictors: interpersonal attraction, homophily, and nonverbal intimacy to see if they influenced dating decisions during the six-minute speed dating rounds.

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When your dinner companion spends the evening looking at his or her phone device, or at the ball game on the television set conveniently on the wall behind you (perhaps explaining their choice of venue, and seat selection), you may wonder if you are even on a date. Because for the same reason that selective attention is one of the most seductive aspects of romantic attraction, is one of the biggest turnoffs.

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