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Brendon fell head over heels, madly in love at the sight across a birthday party of this beautiful girl in high heels with killer biceps and calves.Despite his spotty track record on setting Brendon up, g̶o̶o̶d̶ ok friend and groomsman Hans deserves credit for this chance encounter.Brendon's friends loved spending time with Caite (almost more than Brendon...) and Caite's friends likewise took to Brendon immediately.Caite and Brendon began spending more and more time together - Caite learned about busy season (1 and 2) and Brendon learned to deal with Caite's work trips - and started to realize that, not only were they nearly the same person, but they were the perfect compliment to each other.

Caite was invited to Hans' 33rd (yes, he's the older, foreign friend) birthday party by her friend, and sorority sister, Kate Dal Santo.

Brendon played it cool with this numeric golden ticket, and waited all of 18 minutes before texting Caite about arranging future plans.

After playing it super cool with the delayed initial text, Brendon feverishly researched 5th date places that would impress the new apple of his eye (to the uninitiated, a 5th date location is much nicer and far more committed than a 1st through 4th date location).

Little did she know at the time, Brendon had much more in store for her than hiking her first 14er.

Twenty miles into the hike, on their way back, Brendon convinced Caite his heels were hurting and he needed to stop to search for some bandages.

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Like a chubby kid locked in a candy store, Brendon couldn't get enough of Caite.

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