The new rules for love and dating who is sergio garcia dating now

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Even with serious partners, individuals should give each other some breathing space.It's easy to obsess over a girlfriend or boyfriend's every move.Once upon a time, all singles needed to worry about was waiting long enough in between dates to place the next phone call.Now, daters must think about the "right" time to send a Facebook request or start Twitter following the person you're dating — in addition to refraining from Internet stalking a new crush.But, like anything good in life, social media is only valuable with balance."I am thumbs up, high up there for the use of technology in connection for social, fun, pleasure, for growing a relationship and enhancing a marriage," Ruskin says."People will also tweet at us about what a cute Twitter couple we are," she says."These little reflections on your marriage or on your relationship from other people are incredibly valuable." For the couple, social media came naturally with equal interest.

"I think once you're dating somebody, if you're not at the stage where you feel comfortable asking them if you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, then you're probably not ready to follow them on Facebook or Twitter," Samuel says.

"Keep separate profiles and avoid staring at and obsessing about what they’re doing during your busy day by checking to see their whereabouts on Foursquare." Dr.

Karen Ruskin, a licensed marriage and family therapist, believes social media is a great way to propel the relationship.

With other twosomes, one person could be more active on social media, Samuel says.

If social media preferences are off balance, then couples will need to have a talk to lay out guidelines.

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But, it's important to remember, "there's a difference between friending someone on Facebook and just seeing their stuff as it comes up and going through their entire Timeline.

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